Marga Comiotto Stiftung

Unterstützung der Psychoonkologie und der psychosozialen Forschung für krebskranke Menschen

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The Marga Comiotto Foundation

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Fundamental information and aim of the foundation

Yearly, approximately 320.000 people in Germany are diseased with malignant tumors; that is equivalent to a yearly incidence of about 400 per 100.000 people. In this case, every third person has to expect a cancerous disease during his lifetime.

Oncologiy diseases, especially the ones with a chronically process go along with specific, heavy physical and psychological stress, often connected with unfavourable changes in the familiar, professional and other social environment. A big amout of cancer patients need continued help with the handling of these difficulties. They need psychological and psychosocial support.

This "psycho-oncological advice and care" is still too less available in German clinical centres. There are mainly self-help groups, which become a new reference system to the cancer patient.

Psycho-oncological advice

This term describes an extensive care-offer for cancer patiens and their relatives. Psycho-oncology pursues the aim to provide the psyche of the human beeing with good and qualified medical care and treatment, equivalent as medical therapy is for the body. In the advising conversation with the therapist the concerning person gives an insight into his situation. Together they view the requirements and possibilities, give help for guidance and attach contacts, to realise the many psycho-oncological offers for an individual care.

Psycho-oncological care

"On one side activating strenght, on the other side saving strength" - an important, but not always easy principle of psycho-oncological care! In conversations with experienced therapists the patient has the possibility to express his fears and wishes, his rage and grief, but also his hope and confidence. So new ways can be found together to handle the disease, to live with it, and to master it.


Especially to help the patient in the area of "psycho-social oncology" the Marga Comiotto foundation aims to create specialised institutions and support the already existing ones. Increasing efforts are now required to build up and, if necessary, to consolidate a psycho-social supply line, which in two ways covers the stationary and ambulant area. Hereby the further professionalism of the psycho-social oncology is the base of a quality-conscious medical care.